PAS – Digital Siren Amplifier

PAS 100 / PAS 200 - Digital Siren AmplifierFeatures and Benefits Power Amplifier with PA system True RMS 100 W or 200 W (2×100 W) Multi-voltage 8-32 VDC Record’n’Play Function,…
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Matrix Message Board

Matrix Message BoardFeatures and Benefits Full-Matrix RGB LED Display 96 x 16 Pixels for Clear Message Presentation Text, Arrows, Signs, Warnings Patterns Long Message presentation – Scroll or Push Transitions…
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Modular Multiplex System – MMX

Modular Multiplex System - MMXFeatures and Benefits Simplifies wiring Harness. Reduces the number of wires by more than 40%, that means 40% fewer possible failure points Eliminates most of Fuses…
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