XL Remote indicators narrow, RIXLN

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Luminous Flux
  • Colour-Coded LED for Water and Foam Display
  • Five Different Level Patterns
  • CAN Bus or “T” Datalink
  • Low Installation Depth
  • Waterproof Aluminium Housing
The XL Remote Tank Indicator RIXLN types are designed to display water or foam tank level, possible to be seen from a long distance. Blue, yellow and red LEDs are used for displaying water level and amber, yellow and red LEDs for foam. When the tank level is critical (liquid level less than 1/4) both indicators signalize the level with red colour LEDs, when the liquid level is less than 1/8 lights are running from top to bottom to signalize an empty tank.
The RIXLN needs to be connected either to a master indicator or to an IO node/controller when used in MMX configuration. Large tank indicator is a slave device. Several slave indicators can be connected over Can bus or “T”- one wire datalink to show the same value on different locations.
Housing is made of Aluminium, highly resistant to weather conditions (IP67) and can survive extreme environments, what makes it perfect for installation outside the vehicles. The level bars are large and well-spaced, allowing a reliable reading of level in bright viewing angle and direct sunlight.