Tank Level Gauge TLG Large, TLGL/INL/RIL

Features and Benefits

  • 180° Viewing Angle
  • I/O Driver For Low Water Warning, Autofill-Hysteresis, Mute Input, Etc.
  • Can Bus Datalink
  • Super Bright Leds
  • Dimmable-Light Sensor
  • Low Installation Depth
  • Washable, Waterproof Aluminium Housing
INL-08 types of Tank Level Gauges are designed to display liquid’s volume at an accuracy of 1/8 of the tank level using ultra-bright LEDs. The transducer measures the column of the liquid in the tank above the sensor process input and provides a signal that is proportional to the tank high. The unit standardly uses a pressure transducer with output 0.5-4.5 V.
The sensor input is widely configurable and it can also be used for 0.5-4.5 V, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA sensors and conductive or resistive probes. Optional I/O driver can be integrated for low level warning output, autofill-hysteresis output, mute input, etc. The Tank Level Gauge can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of MMX system connected via CAN bus to IO Controller. Several slave indicators (large remote – RIL) can be connected to a master indicator INL to show the same value on different locations or in combination with a small remote indicator (RIS) for the cabin and XL remote indicator (RIXL) for the vehicle sides.

Supply Voltage8-32 V DC
Current0.5 A maximum, no outputs active
Electrical Protectionovervoltage, transients, reverse polarity, load dump
CAN termination120 ohm, DIP switch
Sensor input0.5-4.5 V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20 mA, resistive probe, conductive probe throught extra M12 connector
Digital Inputconfigurable active low/high levels 0..Ub, protected
Digital Output
*Only version with integrated I/O driver
positive switching (high-side), max. 3 A (Low water warning)
positive switching (high-side), max. 1.5 A (Autofill-Hysteresis xx/xx%)
positive switching (high-side), max. 1.5 A
negative switching (low-side), max. 0.5 A
Loadsinductive, capacitive, resistive
Miscellaneousprotection from short circuit and overload
IP Class (IEC529)IP67, waterproof
EMC ConformityEN61000-6-2 noise immunity
EN61000-6·4 radiation of interference
Temperature Rangestorage -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
operating -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Housing MaterialAluminium
Mountingin-dash, with 4 screws M3 or 3.5 mm (#8) tapping screws
Matting ConnectorDeutsch DT06-12S
Indicator increments1/8
Day/Night operationautomatic – integrated light sensor
Front panelbacklit, colour coded for water and foam
Detectable substanceswater, fire-smothering foam, gasoline, etc
W x H X D66 x 112 x 23 mm (2.6”x4.41”x0.9”) without connector
Weight0.25 kg (0.55 lbs)

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