S&L Monitors

Features and Benefits

  • 22 Digital Inputs, positive or negative
  • Photo sensor
  • Colour LEDs
  • Integrated Warning Buzzer – Optional
  • Integrated Remote Indicator for Water and Foam Tank Level
The S&L Monitor is designed to monitor open side lockers (roller shutters), roof boxes, ladder and displays the status of different kinds of emergency and other lights on special vehicles.
Key advantages: Integrated Water and Foam remote level indicator as optional feature. State of monitored devices will be indicated with LED warning lights in different colours. Integrated buzzer can signalize raised light mast, open roof boxes and open ladder to draw special attention to the driver at the moment that the parking brake has been released.
Monitoring is provided through 22 digital inputs. Digital inputs are connected via uP to altogether 37 LED lights. Digital inputs can be connected to GND or +UBatt signal, to detect the status of connected lamps, shutters or other equipment. An integrated photo sensor detects the ambient light and automatically adjusts the LED intensity for day or night operation.