S&L Monitors

Features and Benefits

  • 18 Digital Inputs
  • Photo sensor
  • Colour-coded LEDs
  • Integrated Remote Indicator for Water and Foam Tank Level
The S&L Monitor is designed to monitor open side boxes (shutters), roof boxes, ladder and display the status of different kind of emergency and other lights on the special vehicle. Key advantage: Water and Foam remote display can be integrated into the panel. The state of monitored devices will be displayed as colour-coded LED warning lights.
Monitoring is provided through 18 digital inputs. Digital inputs are connected via uP to 37 LED lights. Digital inputs can be connected to GND or +24V signal, to detect the status of connected lamps, shutters or other switches. An integrated photo sensor detects the ambient light and automatically adjusts the LED intensity for day or night operation.

Power supply 10 V ... 30 V DC
Power consumption* max. 2 W
Inputs 18 digital inputs, GND or +24V
Indicators 37 colour-coded LED (red, blue, white, yellow)
Electrical Connection 8 pin + 13 pin connector
Connector cross section 0,5 to 1,5 mm2 (AWG 28-16)
Enclosure - protection (IEC 529) front panel - IP65
Operating temperature -25°C...+85°C
Dimensions of the indicator (IEC 61554) 144x48x68 mm
Automatically adjustable LED intensity photo sensor
Weight 0,2 kg
*No outputs active


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