Features and Benefits

  • Pressure Governor With Cavitation Warning
  • Alphanumeric Super Bright Led Display
  • Integrated Water And Foam Tank Level Gauge
  • Integrated Keypad – 15 Keys
  • Integrated 10 Warning Lights
  • Selection of Pressure by Rotary Knob – Encoder
  • Acoustic Signal – Integrated Buzzer
The MMX PCU-WFPG is an electronic Pump Control Unit with an integrated pressure governor, water and foam tank level gauge, keypad, warning lights and super bright alphanumeric LED display. It can also be used to control other vehicle systems such as valves, lighting, display engine data and water pump data, display pump warning messages as cavitation temperature, etc. The main function of PCU is Pressure Governor which allows automated regulation of the engine RPMs according to the pressure fluctuations in the pump. The automatic pressure regulation is turned ON by turning the rotation switch – encoder.
The integrated keypad is programmable. Each key can be configured to operate as a switch, push button or both as a special feature. Key label graphics are customizable and coloured according to function groups for easy recognition. Unused keys can be screened off with a dark label.