PAS 100 / PAS 200 - Digital Siren Amplifier

Features and Benefits

  • Power Amplifier with PA system
  • True RMS 100 W or 200 W (2×100 W)
  • Multi-voltage 8-32 VDC
  • Record’n’Play Function, optionally
  • Horn Ring Cycler
  • Full CAN Bus Control
The PA electronic Siren Amplifier PAS-100/200 is designed to be used in Emergency vehicles such as ambulance, firefighting, police or other law enforcement vehicles. The amplifier is available in 100 W and also in 200 W version with two independent channels of 2x 100 W True RMS. It can provide a wide range of pre-programed siren sounds that can be set according to the different country regulations and market needs. Incorporates radio broadcast – two radio inputs and PTT handheld unit with a public access (PA) override function – two mic. inputs.

Siren Speakers

Available are three types of powerful, heavy duty speakers, designed to withstand all weather conditions and to reproduce a clear voice. The Speakers are compatible with Emitter Electronics Sirens. SPK –R100W11 and SPK-C100W11S speakers are super-thin and can be mounted on various mounting locations, as well as under the hood. On the contrary, the SPK-H100W11 speakers use a big horn and can be mounted in the bumper area, on the roof, near the light bar area, etc.