Modular Multiplex System - MMX

Features and Benefits

  • Simplifies wiring Harness. Reduces the number of wires by more than 40%, that means 40% fewer possible failure points
  • Eliminates most of Fuses & Relays
  • Fewer parts and easy diagnostics resulting in fewer efforts for maintenance time. Because the system is simple, customisation and options can be done in software only, no hardware change needed.
  • Increases Diagnostic capabilities
  • Increases vehicle reliability
  • Integrates electrical & Electronic system

Vehicle Network for Modular Multiplex System – MMX

Vehicle wiring networks are rapidly becoming very complex due to increased usage of electronic controls, displays and features. As a result, the vehicle wire harness is growing in size and complexity to the point where multiplexing and data communication links are expected to be required to develop cost efficient and reliable vehicle systems.
Conventional wiring systems use separate wires to control each electrical function. The multiplex wiring system allows multiple electronic messages to travel back and forth through the same datalink wire, just as broadband cable allows telephone, television and Internet connections to travel through the same line.
The MMX IO node controller sends information back and forth, monitoring vehicle components and interpreting messages transmitted through the wires. Because the modules are remotely controlled by signals, rather than by separate wires, fewer relays and connectors are required, reducing possible failure points.