Features and Benefits

  • Worldwide access to your vehicles or machines CAN data via the internet
  • Global navigation satellite system and cellular network for telemetrics services
  • Enables online access using any screen
  • Robust CAN hardware
  • Cloud-based and modern design Data Platform for powerful fleet management
  • Improves safety, efficiency and increases fleet visibility
The Emitter telemetric system consists of one or several CAN IO controllers (nodes) which collect telematic data from chassis and superstructure such as system and diagnostics data, vehicle CAN data etc, a GNSS/GPRS modem with integrated eSIM for tracking and sending the data to the cloud, cloud platform to store data for years, and a responsive web portal to visualize and act on the insights.
All sensors and actuators are connected to MMXEC1 I/O node. The I/O node communicates with GNSS modem via CAN bus.

Real-time map
Scalable cloud-based platform collects and analyses data from connected vehicles and allows generating detailed and customized reports, actions, triggers and events to keep full control over your fleet.
The interactive map is scalable and can be accessed from any device, such as PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones etc.  View the current state of your engine and deep-dive into its historical data.
Telematics data are based on a so-called “trip”, a complete log from the moment a vehicle is turned ON until it’s turned OFF again.
A log of records usually consists of:
GPS timestamp and location, GPS speed, GPS direction, vehicle status (ignition ON/OFF), vehicle voltage, driving and total working time, distance travelled, water and foam tank level, fuel level as well as digital or analogue IO status, RPM, Harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, etc.
This offers you also a total control over the maintenance process of your fleet.