Features and Benefits

  • 16 Universal Pins
  • Digital, Analog, Resistance Or Frequency Inputs
  • High Side, Low Side Or PWM Outputs
  • Data Logger
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • I/O Status LEDs
  • Extension Options: H-Bridge, IMU, DAC, RS232/485, Etc.
The MMX EC1 is a highly configurable controller which is designed for use in various automotive and industrial applications. It provides smart solutions for special vehicles, machinery, industrial automation and enables simple connectivity for sensors, switches, actuators and different CAN devices.
MMX EC1 is a part of Emitter Electronics MMX family products and can be used with other MMX family devices such as LCDs, keypads, pump governors, tank level indicators, etc. For applications requiring high I/O count, several MMX EC1 controllers can be connected over Can bus, CAN SAE J1939, CAN open or free protocol. MMX EC1 controllers are programmable in C/C++ language.

Processor32-bit ARM Cortex-M4, 168 MHz
Processor flash1 MByte
Processor RAM192 kByte
External EEPROM2 kByte
External flash64 MByte
Total16x universal pins, individually configurable via software, all I/O pins are protected against short circuit to GND and BAT +, each I/O pin is diagnosable via status LEDs
Digital input16x total, configurable integrated pull-up/down resistor and active low/high levels via software, protected
Analog input4x total, 12-bit resolution, configurable voltage/current input via software, 4 .. 20 mA,
0 .. 10 V, out-of-range detection, protected
Resistance input2x total, 12-bit resolution, 20 Ohm .. 6 kOhm, Pt1000, Pt100, KTY support, protected
Frequency input16x total, ≤ 30 kHz, incremental encoder A/B - 8x total, protected
Digital output + PWM8x total, high side switch, 2 A max., 0 .. 100 %, overload/short circuit protection, overtemperature protection,
open load detection
Digital output + PWM (high current)4x total, high side switch, 4 A max., 0 .. 100 %, overload/short circuit protection, overtemperature protection,
open load detection
Digital output +4x total, high side switch, 2 A max., overload/short circuit protection, overtemperature protection,
open load detection
Digital output -8x total, low side switch, 500 mA max., overload/short circuit protection, overtemperature protection,
open load detection
DAC output2x total, 12-bit resolution, 0 .. 10 V, +/- 10 mA, protected, available via extension board
CAN2x CAN, ISO 11898 2.0 A/B up to 1 Mbps, protocols SAE J1939, CANopen, free, etc.
CAN Link1x T-connection, configurable termination 120 ohm via DIP switch, node ID definition via software
USB1x USB 2.0, for firmware update
RS232/485, Bluetooth, ...available via extension boards
Accelerometerintegrated 3-axis, MEMS, 12-bit digital accelerometer, +/-2, +/-4, +/-8 g, for inclination/acceleration sensing
IMU3-axis accelerometer 12-bit, measurement ranges ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g, ±16 g, resolution 0.98 mg,
3-axis gyroscope 16-bit, ±125 °/s, ±250 °/s, ±500 °/s, ±1000 °/s, ±2000 °/s, resolution 0.004 °/s,
3-axis magnetometer 16-bit, ±1300 μT (x,y), ±2500 μT (z), resolution 0.3 μT,
available via extension board
Data loggersystem information/data logging, optional RTC logging with dedicated 1000 mAh onboard battery
Monitoringinternal monitoring of power supply voltage, RTC battery voltage, CPU core temperature and board temperature, over/under supply voltage detection, watchdog functionality
LED diagnosticsdedicated on board status LEDs for I/O pin diagnostics and error indication
Protectionsovervoltage, transients , load dump protection, reverse polarity protection by external fuse
Supply voltage8 .. 32 V
Peak supply voltage≤ 36 V for ≤ 5 min, ≤ 40 V for ≤ 2 s
Idle current30 mA @ 24 V
Max total current15 A
RTC battery lifemin. 10 years
Operating temperature-40 .. +85 °C (with full load)
Connector2x 12 pin Deutch DTM connector, waterproof
Ingress ProtectionEN 60529 IP67
Housing materialNylon 6/6 black glass fibre reinforced, silicone rubber
Housing dimensions133 x 119 x 35 mm
Weight250 g
Programming envirormentC/C++, high level API-library included
E-MarkECE R10.5, noise immunity with 100 V/m
EMCEN 61000-6-2, noise immunity
EN 61000-6-4, radiation of interference
ElectricalISO 7637-2, pulse immunity, load dump

Product CodeTotal IOOUT+OUT+*OUT-IN+IN-AINRINFBCAN ConfigurationEXT1EXT2EXT3TypeStatus
MMXEC1-0000-xxxx16000161642--DIP Switch---TBDPreview
MMXEC1-0400-xxxx16400161242--DIP Switch---TBDPreview
MMXEC1-0500-000116520161142--Link Resistors 1,2**---SpecialActive
MMXEC1-0600-000216620161042--DIP Switch---StandardActive
MMXEC1-0800-xxxx1684016842--DIP Switch---TBDPreview
MMXEC1-1000-xxxx16102016641--DIP Switch---TBDPreview
MMXEC1-1200-000316124016441--DIP Switch---StandardActive
MMXEC1-1600-xxxx16164016000--DIP Switch---TBDPreview
MMXEC1-1200-000416626101041--DIP Switch---SpecialActive
*High current outputs
**CAN1 and CAN2 120Ω termination resistors are connected by zero-ohm resistors
OUT - Output, IN - Input, AIN - Analog input, RIN - Resistance input, F - Flash, B - Battery, EXT1 - Extension 1, EXT2 - Extension 2, EXT3 - Extension 3
For other possible IO configurations please contact the supplier.

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