Features and Benefits

  • RGB Backlit, Freely Selectable Icons
  • Integrated I/O Driver – Optional
  • Light Sensor, Buzzer
  • Individually Adjustable Key Luminous Intensity
  • Low Installation Depth
  • “RIM” Embossing Keys
  • Washable, Waterproof Aluminium Housing
Keypad module KPM-C26 uses twelve distinct keys, it is highly resistant to weather conditions and can survive extreme environments, what makes it perfect for installation outside or inside driver cabin. The keys are large, well­spaced and “RIM” embossed, allowing a reliable pressure sensation with a tactile feedback even when wearing protective gloves. The keys can also be used in combination as warning lights.
Type KPM-C26O has an integrated I/O controller with high side power outputs and several inputs that can be useful if the keypad is used as a stand-alone device or as an extension of IO ports for controllers used in the MMX system.
Keypad is user programmable. Each key can be configured to operate as a switch, push button or both as a special feature. Corresponding key LED indicators are fully configurable, colour and luminance are adjustable. Key label graphics are customizable and backlit coloured according to function groups for easy recognition. Unused keys can be screened off with a dark label. Labels are inserted at the inner side of the front panel of the keypad. Several keypads located on different places can be connected over CAN BUS to collaborate. Keypad modules series KPM-C are a perfect solution in automotive, nautical, agriculture, utility vehicles and industrial sectors.