Digital Balance Pressure Foam Proportioning System / FoamJET FJxxxT series

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Balance Pressure foam dosing system in the range of 1 % to 8 %
  • Precise control with steps of 0.1 %
  • Wide range of system capacity, up to 1800 L/min
  • High Performance, Self-priming Rotary Gear Foam Pump with Timing Gear
  • The max. dynamic viscosity of foam concentrates 5300 cP
  • Magnetic-inductive flow meter for long-lasting low-maintenance operation
  • Manual or automatic operation mode
  • Intensive bright LCD for easy readability of process data
FoamJet FJ xxxT series is a digitally controlled direct injection balance pressure (BP) foam proportioning system used to maintain selected constant foam-water proportion regardless of water flow and pressure fluctuations. The system accurately delivers foam concentrate from 1 % to 8 % through the flow meter, el. metering valve and check valve, directly into the water discharge stream.
The system uses a High-Performance Rotary Gear Foam Pump with brass housing, bronze alloy rotors, oversized roller bearings – sealed for life, timing gear which allows dry-running without damage (no rotor contacts) and other high-quality industrial components. The pump is self-priming and can pump water or different viscosities of Foam. The pump can be Hydraulic or PTO driven.
Hydraulic diagram
A special el. metering valve precisely adjusts the amount of foam concentrate injected. All excess foam concentrate is returned back to the foam tank via the differential relief valve using a closed loop system. The heat exchanger alleviates the heat build-up while circulating foam concentrate around the foam pump from discharge back to suction. Using a heat exchanger eliminates the possibility of aerating of the foam that returned to the on-board foam tank, and allows usage of foam concentrates from an external source in the event when the on-board tank is depleted, or a dis-similar foam concentrate is required.
The unit standardly uses a large 7” TFT LCD unit for easy overview and control over all functions of the system.
FoamJet xxxxT series can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of the MMX system connected via CAN bus to the other MMX devices. Several remote LCD display control units can be connected to control the foam proportioning on different locations e.g., in the driver’s cabin.
The maximum foam concentrate delivery in L/min varies by the pump and configuration selected with models available ranging from a max. of 100 L/min up to max. 1800 L/min.
Performance data / Operating Range / Delivering Range
Foam pump can be mounted in any of the positions shown
Supply Voltage8-32 V DC for electronic components
Currentmax. 5A @ 24 V - controller
Electrical Protectionovervoltage, transients, reverse polarity, load dump (not valid for embedded version)
LCD typeLCD TFT 7", sunlight readable, anti-reflective glass, 10+5 soft keys
TypeRotary Gear pump with Timing gears and Victaulic connections, self-priming with Victaulic connections, eight different pump models
MaterialBrass housing with bronze alloy rotors, stainless steel shafts, oversized roller bearings, silicon carbide mechanical seals
Pressure 20.7 bar max.
RPM1800 max.
Mounting OrientationAny orientation
Max viscosity of the agentdynamic viscosity of foam concentrate is 5300 cP what gives for foam concentrate density of 1.4 kg/m3 the kinematic viscosity of 3780 cS
Flange, pump weight
FJ 100T
FJ 270T
FJ 420T
FJ 590T
FJ 720T
FJ 1000T
FJ 1250T
FJ 1800T

1.5" VIC, 27 kg
2" VIC, 30 kg
2" VIC, 62 kg
3" VIC, 69, kg
3" VIC, 79 kg
4" VIC, 82 Kg
4" VIC, 95 Kg
5" VIC, 195 Kg
Temperature Range
for electronic parts
operating from -40°C to +70°C
storage from -40 to +70°C
IP Class (IEC529)MMXEC1 controller: P67
EMCdesigned to EN 61000-6-2, noise immunity
designed to EN 61000-6-4, radiation immunity

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