Features and Benefits

  • Combining High-Performance Rotary Gear Foam Pump and Electrically Driven Plunger Pump
  • Top performance on extremely low injections – from 0.1 LPM
  • Automatic foam dosing system in the range of 0.1 % to 8 %
  • Precise control with steps of 0.1 %
  • Wide range of system capacity combination
  • Manual or automatic operation mode
  • Intensive bright LCD for easy readability of process data
FOAMJET TWIN is a digitally controlled direct injection foam proportioning system consisting of two functional units – foam pumps. One unit employs an electrically driven foam pump to precisely inject foam in the range of 0.1 to 45 liters per minute (depends on the chosen foam pump). The other unit is PTO or hydraulically driven rotary gear foam pump for injecting foam in the range of 10 to 1800 litres per minute (depends on the chosen foam pump). Both units use a common 7’’LCD control panel.
The system accurately delivers foam concentrate from 0.1 % to 8 % through a check valve/injector fitting, directly into the water discharge stream and maintains selected constant foam-water proportion regardless of water flow and pressure fluctuations.
Hydraulic diagram
The maximum foam concentrate delivery in L/min varies by the pump and configuration selected with models available ranging from a max. of 100 L/min up to max. 1800 L/min.
Operating Range / Delivering Range

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