Digital Pressure Indicator DPI

Features and Benefits

  • Vacuum. Low- and High-Pressure Indication
  • 3-Digit [BAR] or 4-Digit [kPa] Display Version
  • I/O Driver integrated for Alarms, Regulation, Etc. – Optional
  • CAN Bus or One Wire Datalink
  • Super Bright LED Display
  • Multiple sensor input
DPI types of Digital Pressure Indicators are designed to display system pressure using 3 or 4-digit ultra-bright LED display where multiple pressure sensors can be connected. The unit standardly uses a -1..24 bar, 0..25 bar and 0..60 bar pressure sensors. The sensor input is widely configurable and it can be used for 0.5-4.5 V and 0-10 V transducers or 4-20 mA transmitters.
Optional I/O driver can be integrated for activating warning output, regulating the system pressure, etc. The Digital Pressure Indicator can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of MMX system connected via CAN bus to IO Controller. Several slave-remote pressure indicators (RPI) can be connected to a master indicator DPI to show the same value on different locations.