Around-The-Pump foam proportioning system / DigiFoam DF, DFL

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Around-The-Pump foam proportioning system in the range of 0,1 % to 8 %
  • Precise control with steps of 0.1 %
  • Wide range of eductor capacity, up to 680 L/min
  • Compatible with any type of foam concentrate and foam making nozzle
  • Manual or automatic operation mode
  • LCD 7” or PCU HMI
  • Magnetic-inductive flow-meter for maximum life and less maintenance
  • Easy operation
Digifoam – Digital fully automatic Around-The-Pump (ATP) foam proportioning system is used to maintain selected constant foam-water proportion regardless of water flow and pressure fluctuations. The system accurately delivers foam concentrate from 0,1 % to 8%.
The system utilizes a brass eductor installed on the discharge side of the fire pump to send a small volume of water back to the suction side of the fire pump. The venturi action of the eductor creates a vacuum at the foam concentrate inlet allowing foam to be pulled through the metering valve, into the water stream. The rich foam solution is discharged back to the suction side of the fire pump and sent through all the discharge piping – allowing foam solution of the required proportion to be available for each discharge outlet.
The backpressure – water pressure entering the pump should always be almost zero, any back pressure on the ATP proportioner could reduce the foam induction rate.
Hydraulic diagram
The DIGIFOAM DF type standardly uses a large 7” TFT LCD unit for overall control of all functions of the system and allows an easy overview of process data, such as water-flow, foam-flow, proportional rate, warning and error messages.
The DIGIFOAM DFL type on the other hand uses a PCU (Pump Control Unit) with an integrated foam management system instead.
Digifoam can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of the MMX system connected via CAN bus to the other MMX devices. Several remote LCD display control units can be connected to control the foam proportioning on different locations e.g. in the driver’s cabin.
The eductor assembly includes an eductor and a special electric metering valve. The eductor housing and valve are in brass.
Operating Range & eductor assebmly
Supply Voltage20-30 V DC electronic components
Currentmax. 0.1 A @ 24 V – controller without loads connected
max. 1.8 A metering valve
Electrical ProtectionMain controller EC1: overvoltage, transients, reverse polarity, load dump
Digifoam - DFLCD TFT 7", sunlight readable, anti-reflective glass, 10+5 soft keys
Digifoam Lite -DFLPCU-pump control unit with foam management system
3 .. 60 L/ min @ 8 .. 17 bar
5 .. 220 L/ min @ 8 .. 17 bar
40 .. 340 L/ min @ 8 .. 17 bar
40 .. 450 L/ min @ 8 .. 17 bar
80 .. 560 L/ min @ 8 .. 17 bar
80 .. 680 L/ min @ 8 .. 17 bar
Temperature Range
for electronic parts
operating from -40°C to +85°C
storage from -40 to +85°C
IP Class (IEC529)MMXEC1 controller: P67
El. metering valve: IP67
EMCdesigned to EN 61000-6-2, noise immunity
designed to EN 61000-6-4, radiation immunity
A:1”VIC., B:1 ½” VIC., C:1” VIC., L:152 mm
A:1”VIC., B:1 ½” VIC., C:1” VIC., L:152 mm
A:1 ½” VIC., B:2” VIC., C:2” VIC., L:190.5
A:1 ½” VIC., B:2” VIC., C:2” VIC., L:190.5
A:2” VIC., B:3” VIC., C:3” VIC., L:254 mm
A:2” VIC., B:3” VIC., C:3” VIC., L:254 mm
ConnectorsDeutsch DTM and AMP automotive connectors

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